4 construction theft FAQs that highlight the need for corporate security

Loraine Young | November 27, 2019 | 0 | Safety & Security

Safeguarding a construction site goes beyond keeping the area secure to prevent pedestrian injuries. It also means preventing thieves from entering the property. You should hire corporate security services, such as what the team at http://www.security360.com.au/ provides.

You may wonder, though: how serious is construction theft? What do thieves get? These FAQs will help you better understand the importance of construction site security.

  1. How common is construction theft in Australia?

No official statistics are available, but construction theft is pervasive in many countries, including Australia.

The costs can be staggering. Each year, businesses lose millions. This may come from the non-recovery of equipment, which can worth at least thousands. Usually, the authorities can recover less than 25% of them.

A company can also lose money from non-productivity and work delays. Thefts can also increase insurance premiums, and these add to your construction costs.

Let’s not forget that it is just as unsafe for your workers. These thieves can harm your employees.

  1. What do people usually steal from a construction site?

The most valuable items in any construction site are the pieces of equipment or machinery. These can range from drills or jackhammers to excavators.

Removing them from the site, though, is a challenge. This is especially true if the area is within an urban or commercial district.

Most of them, therefore, go for the easiest ones to bring, such as supplies. Think of nails, paint, saws, etc.

These don’t cost much, but thieves can get them in high quantities. You are also less likely to notice them missing unless you perform inventory, or the theft is frequent.

Among the supplies, the metallic ones are the most appealing. Metals, such as copper and silver, command good prices on the market.

  1. How can thieves get in?

Thieves can enter a property in many ways. They can climb the walls or go through gaps in the fences. They may pass through the roof as well.

Unfortunately, inside jobs are also common. Your workers may be stealing from you in a lot of ways. They may allow thieves to enter the property as well.

For this reason, it’s not enough to install security cameras outside. You may also need them inside the premises. Better yet, get security services, like http://www.security360.com.au/, to help you man your CCTVs 24/7.

  1. What can corporate security do?

To deter construction theft, more companies are investing in corporate security. This type of service provides you a team of security professionals, from guards to CCTV experts.

They perform different functions. They may roam around your property or monitor your CCTVs. They may also design and install security features, such as biometrics.

The team can help you plan and design a safe and secure construction site. They can perform audits and assessments regularly.

Outsourcing your security team is also cost-effective. Construction, after all, lasts for only a specific period.

The benefits of keeping thieves at bay from your construction site are massive. You can avoid delays and save money. You can also lower insurance risks.

You can begin by hiring corporate security. Visit http://www.security360.com.au/ to learn more about it.